You have now crossed over into...The Twilight Zone


Richard Kiel. September 13, 1939 – September 10, 2014.

I’ve met him at the Monsterpalooza event in Burbank. We shook hands at his table and I was so amazed on how big he really was. The man stood more than 7 feet and I barely only 5 feet, so there’s a huge disparity in size! My hand was so small next to his. I mentioned about his character in the Twilight Zone, on how he gave off a creepy vibe with his blank and distant facial expression throughout the show. I noted that the only time his character showed any sign of emotion was when the man stepped onto a scale before embarking on the spaceship and he was shown to be very heavy…that was the time when his character smiled in satisfaction—it was a moment of glee for the alien! Richard grinned with amusement of what I said at the end.

He then mentioned about how he lent the voice to Vlad in “Tangled” and I told him that I loved the unicorn bit of his character.

I then gave him a little bag with my little cartoon of his Twilight Zone alien character in it and he seemed to like it, in fact more so amused. And then another fan came by his table and gave him photographs of his older works. Thinking of where to place the photos, he asked me if it would be okay that he put the photos into the bag I just gave him. I told him that he’s free to do so :)

Before we took a photo together, he said something about “selfie.” We then said and waved our goodbyes.

I only met him briefly, but he was very friendly. He was a true gentle giant. He will be missed.


We are all barraged by so many images all day long. Images on television, LED signs and billboards, posters for events and ads next to our newsfeed on facebook. Every image trying to convince us of something, trying to sell something, trying to interest and entice.

I am neither innocent nor…


The Twilight Zone E24S03 (1961-1962):

To serve man


How did my day go? well, I went for a run this morning for the first time in my life and cried over an episode of the twilight zone so pretty good I guess


Just opened my first #BoxofDread! Twilight Zone is my all time favorite show so I am loving the lunch box!


Just opened my first #BoxofDread! Twilight Zone is my all time favorite show so I am loving the lunch box!

Reading a textbook in Rod Serling’s voice makes studying 100% cooler and only 75% ineffective when it comes to retaining the information.